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ScreenShot of SafeCross by Chand Malu Companion application for Zebra crossign safely. Application can highlights the Stop sign on the phone at the zebra crossing or otherwise to indicate the warning to the other people/vehicle driver while crossing the road. Application is just a helper and do not use this in difficult traffic condition. No warranty given for safety. However if this apps helps prevents even minor accident effort is worth.
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Space Tube FREE

ScreenShot of Space Tube FREE by Philippe Wechsler Space Tube is an adrenaline and action-packed racing game that lets you feel the 3D power of Windows Phone 7! Gain the control over an amazing fast space ship and take your journey through space and time. Compete in 4 different game modes or try the infinite mode to immortalize yourself in the leaderboard! Now with online leaderboards, achievements and friendlists!!! Winner of the "Swisscom App Of The Year" and the "You Make IT-Smart" contests!!! - smooth and colorful graphics with appealing effects - 27 levels with 4 game modes (classic, adrenaline, time attack and freestyle) - 6 bonus levels - 3 difficulty levels (beginner, professional and expert) - challenging infinite mode - many different barricades and pickups such as boosts or repair items - OpenXLive integration...
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ScreenShot of Flow by Mike Newman Flow is a simple yet addictive puzzle game for your Windows Phone. Drag your finger to connect matching colors with pipe, creating a flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board with pipe to solve each puzzle. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap! Free play through nearly 1,000 levels, or challenge yourself to a time trial to see how fast you can solve randomly generated puzzles. Depending on difficulty and mode, gameplay ranges from mindless and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. How you play is up to you. So, give Flow a try, and experience "mind like water". Also, check out our other game Fireworks if you haven't already. *** Flow features *** * Content - 3 difficulties and 5 board sizes - 30 levels of each type - Classic ...
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Antibiotics SE 1.0

ScreenShot of Antibiotics SE 1.0 by PPnavasUS001 Antibiotics: Antibiotics are among the most frequently prescribed medications in modern medicine. Antibiotics cure disease by killing or injuring bacteria. The first antibiotic was penicillin, discovered accidentally from a mold culture. Today, over 100 different antibiotics are available to doctors to cure minor discomforts as well as life-threatening infections. 
To zoom ( in / out ) all text and graphics, you can use two fingers to enlarge. And can also copy and paste the full text and graphics, or both, from device to any document or sending it by email. Thus, also this fabulous Encyclopedia can be used rotating the device horizontally and vertically. You can have this beautiful HD Antibiotics Encyclopaedia for study and learning at your fingertips and use it in schools, colleges, ...
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Battlenova 1.2.3

ScreenShot of Battlenova 1.2.3 by PlayPhone, Inc. ★ "StarCraft on Mobile!! Wow, best clone I have seen of StarCraft. Awesome!" – RexIII ★ ★ "Best RTS, serious fun… Really good Mobile RTS Real Time Strategy !" – Dragon_walker ★ Want gameplay hints and tips? Check out the great guide by Wenv: After a freak lab accident infected him with the DNA of an unknown species, Harry’s life as Biotechnologist for the Ministry of National Defense was destroyed. He mutated into an Alien and gained the ability to evolve at a fast rate. The MND failed to eliminate him, and Harry escaped to outer space, where he created a host of other Aliens. Harry’s former university classmate, the great physicist Dr. Nick, created a weapons system to defeat the Aliens. Meanwhile...
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Road Rush FREE 1.0.1

ScreenShot of Road Rush FREE 1.0.1 by NomNomNom Keep the cars safe by tapping on them to boost them through the busy intersection. The action gets fast and furious quick as more and more cars keep pouring through. How long can you keep the streets accident free? MORE CAR CRASHES THAN A MICHAEL BAY FLICK The rules are easy; tap on the cars crossing the busy intersection to boost them to safety. The oncoming traffic never stops and cars keep pouring through. How long can you last? Shoot for the high scores on the Leaderboards and challenge the world! Control traffic and guide as many cars as you can through the intersection. Sounds easy? You’ll need lightning fast reflexes to keep the streets safe and secure. Get police cars through the intersection and you get bonus points! SHARE & COMPETE: Thanks to the Nom Platform, you can share...
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Yugioh LP Calculator

ScreenShot of Yugioh LP Calculator by gmark7 Are you sick of losing track of the score while playing yugioh....well your worries are over. This handy calculator is very easy to use while dueling someone. It keeps track of both players life points. You can fill in your names or just keep the name Player 1 and Player 2, your choice. You can also use the coin flipper or the dice roller, depending on what you need in your duel. This application will help you during your duels so you don't have to worry about the score....or anything for that matter **Update** Version 3.3: -Minor bug fixes -If you were hitting new game by accident, now it asks for a confirmation to start a new game
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Private Photo

ScreenShot of Private Photo by nishantcop You need this App If .. You are Private person and want to keep away people from viewing my family photos if they take your cellphone. You want to use your camera to take close ups of all your credit cards, IDs or confidential data. Give Your personal Photos a private getaway.. Because your Cell phone is sometimes passed/borrowed to friends, kids or a stranger and saying ‘No’ or avoiding people from not looking into you phone picture gallery is a Toughie!! The Private Photo App will help you just do that!! This app is an endeavour to define a new facet to mainta. We make it worth, every penny you spend :-) Key features: *** Award Winning App at Nokia Singapore App Challenge 2011. *Simple 6 digit numeric password. - Fast access *Multiple images Import/Export/Delete/Move. *DECOY...
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String Trio 1.0

ScreenShot of String Trio 1.0 by greySox Imagine yourself playing a violin with an orchestra. String Trio is "Air-Violin" application with graphical guides. It plays like a real violin. Just tilt, swing and slide your iPhone/IPod as guide bars fall. Control tempo, speed, and strength of your movement, then all the accompanying music will automatically adjust to your lead. As its name implies, String Trio consists of three string instruments; violin, viola, and cello. You can play music with instrument of your choice. It's easy, enjoyable, and educational that anyone will instantly feel like playing a real violin without learning how. Here are titles of the songs currently available. Collection 2 is available for in-app-purchase. ********************************************************** Classical Music Collection 1 - Salut...
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ScreenShot of myReview by Toele.NL Limited time offer: 50% off until we release the next version. Ever wondered what the tasting notes are of a Whisky you consider buying? Do you want to know if you are paying a fair price for your next purchase? This application will enable like-minded connoisseurs to share Nosing and Tasting notes as well as price information. Whats new in version 1.4.1: - Introducing the feature to 'add' Whiskies to the Community database. This is a major enhancement that will allow you to add those treasures not already available in the 1000+ Whiskies in our database. You'll also notice a new option in the main menu, called Pending Products, in which you can find the products you've requested to have added to the database. This will enable you to start adding Nosing & Tasting notes and Price details...
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